When a recruiter decides to start their own recruitment agency, they will often plan what they want their new business to look like.

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This may be that they want to grow over a certain number of years by hiring other recruiters and growing the company aggressively (maybe with a sale in mind), or it may be that they want to have a small niche agency with just the directors and a small team providing quality recruitment.

One of the other types of new agencies we have come across over the past 10 years is recruiters who want to build a lifestyle recruitment business. This means that the director will often work by themselves and create a work-life balance between making placements, whilst also enjoying their family/social life.

Often these types of new agencies will judge how many placements they need to make to ensure that the business provides a nice solid income each month, whilst still allowing them to spend time with family, playing golf, or taking holidays whenever they want.

These agencies will often have very little overheads such as working from home, and they will have a regular client base providing them with roles that they can easily fill within their timescales.

By using a company like TBOS to outsource the back office and accountancy side of the business, it allows them to enjoy this work-life balance with TBOS managing the day-to-day administration tasks they require. If they also get TBOS to manage their contract administration and compliance, this gives them additional time outside of the business.

Obviously being a lifestyle recruiter sounds appealing, but it does involve some initial work to get to this point within the business, however, it is clearly achievable for our TBOS clients.

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