Healthy Employees Make Healthy Billers

It may seem like you’re overstepping the mark, or that as an employer it’s not your responsibility, but taking an interest in the health of your employees is in your best interest as it could improve your bottom line. After all, focused, healthy employees will likely be a lot more productive than sluggish, unmotivated ones.

There are some simple changes that you could make within the office to ensure that you’re doing your part in looking after the health of your employees, and we have explored some of these below:-

Fruit Bowls Rather Than Cake Tables

Cakes, biscuits, doughnuts and other sweet treats are often commonplace in an office, especially if it’s someone’s birthday or a particular milestone is being celebrated. It’s understandable that your employees might want to have a slice of cake on their birthday, but perhaps putting out a fruit bowl on a day-to-day basis rather than sugary treats would be better to encourage your employees to choose the healthy option.

Water Dispensers Or Fountains

Drinking coffee throughout the day might make your employees more alert in the short term, but in the longer term they will probably face a ‘caffeine crash’ in the afternoon and find it more difficult to concentrate for the last couple of hours of the day. This sluggish period in the afternoon could be the difference between securing a deal, and not. Providing water fountains or dispensers that ensure fresh, cold water is available throughout the day will help to promote the importance of keeping hydrated by regularly drinking water as opposed to highly caffeinated drinks that are packed with sugar. It’s also a good marketing tool to provide your employees with company branded water bottles/ glasses.

Organise A Sporting Event

A fun way to promote the importance of healthy living among your employees is to organise a group sporting event that they can participate in. Not only will this assist in your healthy living drive, it will also help with team-building and socialisation among your staff. Getting everybody involved in a sponsored run/ walk/ cycle or even sporting matches will create a good atmosphere and you could also include a fundraising element which will not only help out your chosen charity, but also help to create good PR for your agency.

These small changes could go a long way to improving the overall health of your employees, which should in turn see an increase in productivity and billings. It’s really important, especially in an office based environment, that your employees are taking care of themselves and their health, and you as an employer could have a big impact on this.


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