Friday Feature - Placement Administration Options

This week Fund My Contractor was contacted by a client about a new contractor they had coming on board. As they had 30 day payment terms on the client and candidate they did not feel that it was necessary to use us to fund or administer their placement.

The client already had 3 contractors using Fund My Contractor, and did not realise that there was no obligation for them to put all of their placements through us. We explained that although they would need to ensure they put through all of their own contracts, as well as running timesheets, invoicing, credit control and payments, they were free to distribute them as they saw fit with no issues from our end.

The agency were grateful that they would be able to take this course. Although we did advise that taking the time to complete their own administration in addition to their existing workload may not have been the most cost effective tactic we were happy to point out that they had the option. Hopefully they will be able to balance the administrative aspects to keep costs down.

If you would like more information about how Fund My Contractor can assist you please contact our offices on: 0845 8811 112.

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