Friday Feature - Data Security with Fund My Contractor

This week we were contacted by a prospective agency who wanted some information on how they would be protected from Fund My Contractor stealing customers or business from the agency itself.

As a dedicated team of back office specialists we are neither equipped for, nor have any desire to become a recruiting agency ourselves. There is simply no reason why we would ever jeopardise our business by stealing data, information or clients from any of the agencies we work with.

Security of data is incredibly important to Fund My Contractor. The agencies we work with are assured of confidentiality within the service level agreement. Our contracts clearly show that the client, candidate and placement are the sole responsibility of the agency, and any attempt to engage in nefarious business practises by Fund My Contractor would be a breach of contract.

The agency were reassured, and satisfied that their placements would be secure with us.

If you would like more information about how Fund My Contractor can assist you please contact our offices on: 0845 8811 112.

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