At some point in our working life, we have often helped someone we know or the company we work for to find a new internal employee. This may be putting in a good word for a friend or family member, or putting out a job advert, reviewing CV’s or being part of the interview panel for your current employer. This process, however, does not mean that you are a recruiter.

Some people who enquire about our TBOS services to help them with their new recruitment agency will often cite that they worked as an internal recruiter for their current employer. When we dig deeper, we find that what they have actually done is maybe put some adverts on a job board and manage the interview process for a few positions internally.

Unfortunately, this means they have not worked as a 360 recruiter. They have not found the client who has a position, they have not formulated the job specification, they have not vetted and pre-interviewed the candidates, they have not completed any compliance, and they have not negotiated the rates of pay. They have also not had to sit there and make numerous phone calls with knock-back after knock-back to find the client in the first place.

When someone comes to TBOS to start an agency, we have to ask questions about their previous work experience to ensure that they have the relevant skills and knowledge to be a recruiter. This is not something that TBOS can teach, help or advise on, as that is not part of our service offering. With this type of enquiry, we advise that they should potentially get a job within a recruitment agency to see if it is something they enjoy and are good at before looking to start their agency.

TBOS has helped over 200+ new recruitment directors form their first recruitment agency by providing a fully comprehensive back office and accounting solution to provide help, advice, and support daily. Please contact our office if you would like further information on how we can help your agency.

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