Eat, Sleep, Bill, Repeat

Are your employees getting enough sleep? This may not be a question that you find yourself asking very often, but it is actually really important and chances are it is having an effect on your bottom line. In today’s digital age, many people are constantly “switched on” when it comes to work because they can access emails, documents etc. from phones, tablets and computers at home and on the move; work is no longer just contained to office working hours. This means that you will often find people accessing work emails/ documents from bed into the late hours of the evening, to the detriment of their own leisure time.

It’s recommend that employees should be averaging approximately 7 hours of sleep per night – this is something that a mere 25% of people are achieving. More often than not, people claim that they can function adequately on very little sleep, but that actual has a damaging effect on your employees mental and physical well-being. Beyond this, it also lowers productivity levels, and therefore will lower billings. Studies completed by Harvard show that the average worker loses 11.3 days’ worth of productivity in each calendar year due to lack of sleep – in financial terms, this equates to $2,280.00. As a standalone figure this may not seem too drastic, but if you consider that this is something that is effecting up to 75% of your workforce, the results become a lot more severe. This could also be the difference between your consultants meeting their targets/ KPI’s or not.

Stress is one of the most common causes of a poor sleeping pattern. It’s also really important to have a wind down period away from technology in order to help your brain switch off. Encouraging your employees to turn off from their work emails and not have an expectation to respond to communication outside of working hours will go a long way to helping this. It is recommended that ‘blue light’ emitting devices are switched off at least an hour before going to sleep as this can interfere with the release of sleep hormones.

Getting a good night’s sleep may seem like a distant memory but it’s really important to ensure that productivity levels are kept sky high. It’s likely that your consultants will be more focused, positive and have higher energy levels, which should develop into improved billings – a win, win all around!

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