We have written many articles about why non-recruiters should not start a recruitment agency. One of the main professions outside of recruitment who inquire about this subject are medical professionals such as Doctors and Nurses.

Many contact us with the same reasoning: -

  • They see that the NHS has a shortfall of qualified staff in the hospitals they work in or they have worked as temps/contractors and believe the agency's pricing is too high for the NHS
  • They have lots of fellow workers that would work through their agency if they set one up

To address these reasons, we have to explain the following: -

  • There will always be a shortage of staff in the hospitals due to government budget cuts, hospital red tape and bureaucracy, as well as a lack of newly qualified trainees coming through the system
  • The hourly/daily rates that the agencies have charged often include holiday pay, employers national insurance contributions, pension contributions which need to be included before a minimal profit margin is added. Within that profit margin, they also need to cover the cost of insurances and the financing of the candidates pay before the hospital makes payment
  • It is not the candidates that they will need to ensure they have access to but the placements within the clients, which is the harder part of the recruitment process

We also have to point out that the Doctors and Nurses are caregivers and will often not have the experience of working in a sales/recruitment environment.

Unfortunately, in most cases, we have to dash the enquirers dreams of setting up their recruitment agency due to their lack of experience and understanding of the recruitment process. We make the recommendation that they try to get a job within a medical agency for 6-9 months before deciding if setting up their own agency is the right thing for them.

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