Could I Use The TBOS Complete Service But Still Raise My Own Invoices?

Our TBOS Complete service is a full back office and accounting service for recruitment agencies which encompasses everything from when an agency makes a placement through to the year end accounts. We do not offer a partial service where we only do the pay-and-bill element or only do the year end accounts as we feel that our service works better when we control all the elements of the work flow.

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However, we are sometime asked by some prospective TBOS clients if they can retain the ability to raise their own permanent invoices which we do allow if there is a good reason (this is not possible for contract placements as there are additional parts to the process which are easier if they are managed by our experienced staff).

We do have to point out however that even if they raise their own permanent invoices that we will still be charging in the same way (based on a per permanent placement/invoice basis) as the invoicing is only a small part of the TBOS Complete process.

Our TBOS Complete fees cover not only the invoicing but also the credit control, the bookkeeping, the recording of the VAT element, the inclusion within the management accounts and contribute towards the year end accounts.

Once we explain this to the prospective agency, they often realise it is easier for TBOS to manage the invoicing process on their behalf plus there is a time saving and ensures no delay in the processes.

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