Over the past 13 years, TBOS has always looked to improve the service offering to our recruitment agency clients.  This has included the implementation of online timesheets, online accounting and offering legal administration services.

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One of the more recent additions to our TBOS Complete service is offering compliance services to our agency clients where we help the agency to compile the required documentation and certification on clients and/or candidates in order for a placement to be completed.

This service is done by reviewing the time taken to complete a compliant file and offering this at a transactional price. TBOS then manages the full process in-house including chasing emails and calls, storage of documents and completion of application forms.

Here are 3 examples below of how TBOS has helped its recruitment agency clients: -

  • A Construction Recruitment Agency placing apprentices onto sites needed TBOS to look after the compliance of the clients they were working with and also the candidates going onto site.  The client compliance was to ensure that all insurances and risk assessments were completed and the candidate compliance involved collating documentation and completing forms so that the apprenticeship could start.  This also involved providing on-going compliance checks as documentation expired during the apprentice’s contract.

  • A Digital IT Recruitment Agency placing contractors into the public sector needed TBOS to collate the 20 required documents per candidate in order for a contractor to start work on a project.  Once the candidate details were received from the agency, TBOS contacted the contractor to collate all the documents and complete all the checks before approving that the candidate could go start.

  • An International IT Recruitment Agency needed TBOS to provide each client with all of their required tender documents in order to help them win new contract business.  This included insurance certificates, company formation documents, presentation packs and completion of tender documents which TBOS managed fully.

By outsourcing these services to TBOS, the agency did not have to hire internal administration staff and they knew that the cost was dependent on the number of clients and/or clients they needed the work completed on.  This meant that at certain times such as Christmas where there was less candidates to register, that their costs were lower but in January their costs were higher when they registered more candidates.

TBOS is always looking to expand the services offered to its recruitment agency clients to ensure that they have the most amount of time to spend on making those all-important placements and growing their business.

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