The Biggest Challenge for Specialist Recruiters

Over the years TBOS has worked with a great many clients who specialise very strongly in which fields their agencies recruit for.

Specialist Recruitment Agencies

Often these agencies were created when the director realised how deep the need for specialist recruiters in his industry sector was and took the time to move from internal business HR into a recruiting role.

For the most part, these people are right and, if they’re also good recruiters and can handle the back office questions, their new agency has a chance of real success.

After all, a lot of modern industries (IT being one of the biggest examples) really reward specialist knowledge of the industry by the recruiter, helping to be sure that the shortlist really is the best people for the job, and not actually experts in a different field who’d have to learn new skills before they could take on the job.

What’s Needed?

We took a look recently at the most important things to remember when setting up an agency. Obviously, when your recruitment agency is specialised, there’s another addition to that list which may just be more important than the rest; to outperform other agencies in your field you need to be sure that your industry knowledge is fully up to date and that you’re always watching for new developments before they come.

That takes time, of course – which is already in short supply with all the other issues from that earlier article.

A good recruiter keeps in close touch with all their regular clients in any case, looking out for roles that may need filling, perhaps even updating them on prize contractors – but a specialised recruiter profits even more from doing this. When a business comes to you, they want to know your expertise is going to deliver.

And this, too, takes time – time you’ll have to find from somewhere. So what’s the solution?

How We Can Help

There are two major issues that recruiters tend to run into when starting off as solo acts. One of those is that there’s nobody there to act as a second pair of eyes and cross-check for compliance, etc.; the other one is more important, and that’s the lack of time to get everything done.

We’ve earned testimonials from agencies specialising in finance, IT, pharmaceuticals, supply chain, and recruitment for many other sectors. In each case, we’ve been able to ease these two burdens by handling the back office work and running through what needs to be done so that the agency knows how to stay in compliance.

Our TBOS Complete and TBOS Freedom services provide peace of mind for specialist recruiters who find their time and attention stretched too thin.

If you want to know more about our comprehensive solutions, why not contact us via our site, by calling 0845 881 1112, or emailing us at

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