But What Are You KnownFour?

When looking to establish yourself as a fledgling recruitment agency or a solo recruiter, building a reputation has to be one of your top priorities.

It’s one of many reasons that so many recruiters come to us rather than directly employ the number of people it takes to run a back office – there’s a lot to deal with, including these seven things to check before you begin – as all of that takes time that could
otherwise be used building a name and proving your reliability.

Working as closely as we do with a wide variety of recruiters and agencies, we encounter a lot of businesses offering other support systems. One of the best companies a recruiter can link up with is KnownFour.


An Earned Reputation

KnownFour is very aware of the power of reputation, but it’s even more aware of what’s needed to maintain one.

To join up with KnownFour you’ll need to be a proven recruiter with at least ten years’ experience in the field. The company’s goal is to allow recruiters work-life integration within the support structure they provide, and to make that work they depend on the very best, fuelled by their own passion.

Making The Work-Life Integration Work (Life)

If you’re looking to break away from the conventional office based recruitment job, there’s a good chance that you fit KnownFour’s criteria and might benefit from their system. The company’s embrace of remote working and cloud support software is built to give the same experience as working in a traditional office environment, but without the stress of commuting or fixed working hours.

Notably, KnownFour has been built with the awareness that for many of us, breaking away from an earlier company is something we do after a life-changing event, so they often follow the arrival of children, a wedding, or a divorce.

The intent here is to provide a way for recruiters to do what they do best within the schedule and the work-life integration that best suits them. That’s why their flexible working charter works the way that it does.

We have created a business model that harnesses the knowledge we’ve acquired through building diverse, global recruitment businesses, and applied it to a community of like-minded professionals”.  John Pullan

Making The Choice That’s Right for You

TBOS greatly respects the talents of the recruiters we work with, and we work to provide the support structure needed to be successful. That’s what was driving us when we designed TBOS Complete and TBOS Freedom, and when we find someone else offering proven support that works, we want our clients to know about it so that they can make an informed decision whether to use them or not.

You can find out more here.

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