Back Office Software: Expertise Comes in Many Forms...

We’ve heard all kinds of horror stories here at TBOS about the issues that have arisen for fledgling agencies handling their own accounts. Excel spreadsheets being used to track money in and out can work for a while, but as it isn’t designed or intended as financial software, it doesn’t remind or prompt you if you’ve missed something.

In more than one case in the past we’ve seen people misjudge their overheads or cashflow because their spreadsheet either hadn’t been designed to take VAT into account, or implemented the calculations only some of the time or incorrectly.

We’ve even seen the classic ‘little black book’ be the only record of money in and out, with no real ability to calculate on an ongoing basis whether or not the agency was turning a profit or whether tax season was going to deliver a very nasty shock.

Does your desk look like this? Does your desk look like this?

Of course, most agencies are wiser than this. In lieu of making a large outlay on expensive specialist software which requires time and effort to master and time, ever after, to actually use, many agencies engage accounting firms to keep track of their tax questions and their overall profitability – but at one report every quarter, that’s not always timely enough information to make the changes you need!

Not Just Specialist Software

We offer the kind of support an agency needs; our experience lets us handle your back office problems with a speed and assurance that doesn’t stem from our specialist software; it comes from our familiarity with the challenges agencies face on the back office side, the best ways to handle accounts, and the measured precision our training, qualifications, and our time doing this has given us.

You don’t sign up with TBOS for use of the software we’ve bought (programs like Sage Payroll, Sage Line 50, and Voyager); you sign up with us because that specialist software is used by specialists, and the experience and acumen our Chartered Accountants and other experts can bring to bear on your issues.

We take away the HR headache and the need to offer training, and in return we offer a range of back office skills for a fraction of the price – not to mention the savings on overheads like office space, furniture, stationery, and other office equipment, some of it substantial.

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