Back-office support’ for recruitment agencies refers to the administrative and operational tasks that are necessary for the smooth running of the agency, but do not directly involve interacting with clients or candidates. Examples include book keeping and accounting, credit control, cash flow management, and internal recruitment – among other tasks. While many agencies complete all their back office admin tasks themselves in house, a growing number of businesses are finding it beneficial to outsource some or all of their back office requirements to a specialist back office support company such as TBOS.

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In this article, we will explore some of the more common examples so you can understand how outsourcing your back-office processes to an external provider could be beneficial.

Common Examples Of Back-Office Outsourcing Solutions

With many back-office outsourcing companies from which to choose, it can be confusing knowing which provider will offer the best service for your business. Understanding your needs and priorities, however, will help you to make an informed choice.


Establishing a database of reliable and trusted clients is essential to the success of your business, but it can be challenging to juggle the demands of sourcing new clients while managing existing ones. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can help you to improve customer retention, enhance communication with them, improve your response times, and protect their data – but outsourcing this task can ensure that their needs are taken care of on your behalf while you focus on growing your customer database. Recruitment companies with CRM are more competitive and agile than their counterparts without.

IT Support

Most people know the challenges that arise when IT problems occur, so IT support can be invaluable in keeping your business operating fluidly. With virtually all business processes now managed on computer, any disruption can drive down productivity and hamper your efforts to expand your organisation. Expert IT support can also ensure your business remains compliant with all current regulations and that your critical data is backed up securely.


Invoicing is an important component of daily business for recruiters and must be managed slickly to ensure that you receive a steady flow of cash into your business. However, invoicing can also occupy vast amounts of time; any sluggishness in your back-office can cause invoices to be submitted late or missing payments to be overlooked. Outsourcing your invoicing can ensure that your clients receive statements on time and encourage them to settle their accounts promptly.


A full-time outsourced accounts department can be invaluable for your recruitment business. Instead of having to pay for in-house bookkeeping experts, you can benefit from a flexible outsourced service that takes responsibility for all aspects of your accounting, including record-keeping, financial reporting, VAT returns, and end-of-year statutory returns. By outsourcing, you will benefit from expert knowledge and advice and the reassurance that your business will fully comply with all regulations.

Cashflow Forecasting

Accurate financial planning is crucial to the success and growth of your recruitment business, but financial reporting and cashflow forecasting are time-consuming tasks, especially if you have limited experience or knowledge. Outsourcing this aspect of your back-office can help you to improve the management of your business’s cashflow, enabling you to control your expenditure and invest more wisely.

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