A Guide To Your First Month As A Recruitment Agency Owner

Recruitment agencies play a vital role in maintaining a healthy economy. However, the same economy can have perils for invoice-based organisations, especially during times of technological and social change. Getting it right during your first month in business can set you up for success, so here’s what to do.

Learn How To Start Your Own Recruitment Agency


Some of us love them, some of us loathe them, but all of us need a schedule. Personal organisation is central to corporate efficiency, so the quality of your schedule is directly related to your productivity. A range of scheduling tools are available to help define your needs and create a realistic, manageable, and productive timetable, and using these from the start will help new organisations to grow in a way that is coherent, organised, and structured.

Be Cautious With Your Spending

Deciding how to invest your start-up capital can be very difficult. Basic considerations include office rent, wages, investment in specialist software, and marketing, all of which are crucial. However, when cash flow is dictated by invoicing, financial management can be unpredictable. Strategies such as invoice financing can help, but it is also important to build resilience into your financial strategy by planning for uncertainty and creating savings pots. Caution today will give you the agility to take risks tomorrow.

Grow Your Contact List

Networking can be time-consuming. During the early stages of a start-up recruitment agency, contact lists tend to grow rapidly. However, many companies make the mistake of sacrificing networking time to work on emerging leads instead, and the lack of this critical investment can cause problems further down the line. Approaching your contact list as an ongoing project can lead to new business opportunities, so it is helpful to value it as a key asset that should be continually nurtured.

Market Your Business

Companies cannot grow if they are invisible. Today, visibility means having strong digital marketing strategies in place, including building a social media presence and using targeted advertising. CRM software can help businesses understand and respond to their audiences, whilst marketing specialists can use the information to design proactive agile strategies. When brands have the correct exposure, the result is usually felt in increased leads and greater rewards.

Get Support

During the first month of a start-up, getting reliable professional advice can make all the difference. Support services such as TBOS can offer a range of helpful tools to help recruitment agencies in their crucial early months. These include access to professional invoice financing services, accountancy, and back-office software. Above all, support services can offer years of experienced insight into the best strategies that lead to success, giving new recruitment agencies the benefit of years of industry experience.

Find Out More

If you are looking forward to your first months as a recruitment agency manager, TBOS are here to support you in turning your vision into success. For more information about how to get started, please get in touch.

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