5 Recruitment Back Office Services To Look Out For

Is it time to lessen the day-to-day burden on your recruitment agency staff by outsourcing the duties that are preventing them from focusing on their core skill sets?

If you’re serious about recruitment back office outsourcing, here are some of the key services that you might wish to seek out.

  1. Formation services

The process of setting up a new recruitment company involves many steps, so it helps to be able to sit down with seasoned experts who can explain the steps and assist you with them.

From the formation of the company at Companies House and its registration at a registered address, right through to the appointment of directors and the registration of the company for HMRC taxes, there are many vital elements of the company formation procedure that you shouldn’t overlook.

  1. Invoicing

A healthy cash-flow isn’t just vital for your recruitment agency’s survival – it can also be instrumental in making your greatest growth ambitions for the company possible.

That’s why you will appreciate a reputable company being able to relieve your staff of the responsibility of raising and sending permanent and contractor invoices each day, while still doing so in your agency’s name to preserve its identity in the process.

  1. Staff payroll

There’s a lot to take care of as far as your agency’s staff payroll is concerned, including not only basics such as the processing of salaries and the payment of expenses, but also the management of other company benefits, ranging from pensions and company cars to gym memberships and healthcare schemes.

In addition, your agency may have its own established method for calculating commissions, so any back office outsourcing specialist that you choose should take the time to understand and use the same method.

  1. Credit control

If you are to outsource this crucial aspect of your agency’s operation to external credit controllers, you will want to be confident that they will proactively liaise with clients to collect debts.

Funds must be collected from the client in good time to ensure continued strong cash-flow at your business. Any credit controllers to which you outsource should therefore be diligent in ensuring that invoices are on the payment runs and are paid within the terms of payment.

  1. Bookkeeping

If your chosen recruitment back office outsourcing experts have already been granted day-to-day access to your bank accounts, invoice finance accounts and invoicing, it may also seem a wise decision to entrust them with your agency’s bookkeeping, management reporting and VAT returns.

When you choose the right people to perform such duties, your agency can have the assurance of knowing that its books will be kept up to date, with any payment or transfer issues able to be resolved almost as soon as they arise.

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