The popular Recruitment Agency Expo begins tomorrow! Due to take place at the NEC in Birmingham, this fantastic two-day free event is a magnet for the ‘who’s who’ in recruitment right now.

If you’re a recruitment director, new recruiting entrepreneur or industry supplier, you should have your ticket ready and waiting to tackle the event with your best networking skills.

If not, go get your free ticket now and check out this 5 point checklist for networking at the Rec Expo:


Before anything else, you need to know your reasons for attending the Recruitment Agency Expo.

Have you seen social media posts of interesting recruiting professionals you’d like to meet?

Are there any seminars you would like to attend?

Is there information or demonstrations you would like from industry suppliers?

Note the questions you have and the points you would like to discuss ahead of the event. You can even connect with people you want to meet on LinkedIn. When requesting the connection, follow up with a message and see if they would like to meet or not. This will save you time on the day if they’re not interested in speaking to you. It’s also important to make appointments with those who have agreed to see you and make sure you stick to them. You don’t want to be known as a ‘no-show’, simply not professional.


Like all events, first impressions count. At the Recruitment Agency Expo you can rock ‘smart casual’ or opt for wearing a suit if you feel like it. Definitely no tracksuits or dirty/revealing clothing, you want to look professional and approachable at the event. It seems obvious but remember to smile and approach people positively with a good handshake. Get a good night sleep tonight with a sustainable breakfast and morning coffee tomorrow. Nothing kills your networking buzz more than an empty stomach and a touch of the grumps.


This one is a given for attending any corporate event. If you’re attending both days, ensure you have plenty of clean and professional business cards to hand out. Make sure they are kept in a case and they are easily accessible when you talk to people, there’s nothing worse than someone rummaging through their bag to pull out a crumpled business card. Not a great first impression is it?

Nevertheless, in the catastrophic event of losing your bundle of business cards, you can always resort to finding them on LinkedIn. Heard of the nifty ‘find them nearby’ tool? Ensure both of your are using the Linkedin app and navigate to the ‘find them nearby’ tool as the same time, that way you both show up. Always make a note of who you’ve connected, feel free to use your notes app on your phone. See below steps for the 'find them nearby' tool, you must be on the homepage of your LinkedIn app.


Don’t bore people with how amazing you are or how amazing your business is. Instead be helpful and sincere, ask them questions about them and what they are looking to gain from the Expo.

For example,

What brings you to the Expo today?

  • Be helpful, share your knowledge of interesting seminars going on at the event or contacts that could potentially help them. Perhaps your business can help them, if their answer fits. Do be careful not to drag out the conversation, use a case study of where you have helped somebody in a similar situation to them. Make it snappy and give your business card if they seem genuinely interested in reconnecting after the event. Put a reminder in your phone to connect with them Friday morning or at the very latest Monday (the following week after the event).

Are you attending any seminars?

I’m thinking of going to… Really? Me too!

  • If you’re going to the same seminars, you can start to build a rapport with them right there and then. Share insights and points on why you’re going and what you hope to gain from attending. Even smile and say hello again when you see them at the seminar. No need for a second introduction, you don’t want to seem too eager.

Are you attending the event both days?

How was your commute in?

  • Simple small talk can only get you so far, if you’re not getting a good vibe from the conversation you can always wish them a good show and move on.


It’s vital you take notes at the event. Remember to bring a small notebook and pen with you or use your notes app on your phone if you prefer. Jot down any significant talking points from the event, this could be from meeting people or attending the seminars. This will be great for when you follow up with contacts after the event. If they are connected with you on LinkedIn and see your social media posts, they may reach out to you and remember your business in their time of need.


As the countdown is now among us, you should have your ticket printed, familiarised yourself with the event directions and parking, with your clothes washed and pressed ready for tomorrow. All that’s left to say is have a great show and don’t be shy in saying hello to TBOS.  We’ll have plenty of goodies and sweets for you on your way round!

See you soon.

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