Recruitment Insurance

Recruitment Insurance

Guest post from Toni Dines (formerly Thistle Insurance, now Bluefin Insurance)

Recruitment agencies know better than most that it is vital to maintain a flexible approach in this shifting economy. As business’ requirements evolve, the way recruitment is approached must also change to align with this. In 2012, permanent hiring opportunities fell by 12% causing an even greater shift towards mixing contract recruitment and permanent recruitment within a single agency.
As an insurance company specialising in providing tailored insurance to recruitment agencies, we have noticed an increase in the requirement for recruiters to adhere to tailored contracts requiring quick response resourcing.

Due to this diversification in recruitment, an increased number of agencies have found themselves lacking in sufficient insurance cover, leaving themselves open to potentially devastating financial claims against them. It should be a priority for every business to ensure that their assets are fully protected with all risks minimised.

However, as recruiters are becoming increasingly flexible in their approach, they are becoming open to liability caused by non-standard contracts which are beyond their standard insurance covers. Typically, these will include an indemnity clause requiring the recruiter to compensate the hirer for undefined losses or breaches of contract. These kinds of clauses will, in the majority of cases, require alterations to the recruiters’ insurance policy.

Thistle Recruitment Insurance provides contractual liability cover by default because we know the importance of protecting your business against non-standard contracts. We also provide a free vetting service for non-standard contracts allowing you to be flexible without the added risk.

We have been creating bespoke insurance policies for the recruitment industry for two decades, for companies of all sizes. Secure high-value, high-risk contracts with Thistle and grow your business for the future.

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Jane Reed, Hewett Recruitment – “There are three reasons we’ve used Thistle continuously for the last two decades. Firstly expertise – they talk us through the tricky stuff and don’t hide behind jargon. Secondly, service – helpful and always approachable. And finally, price – they’ve always given us a competitive deal. That’s why we don’t intend to move on any time soon.”