Invoice Finance

Invoice Finance

Impartial advice on invoice funding

Strong financing + efficient back office = optimum cashflow.

Cashflow pressures aren’t unusual in contract recruitment agencies and especially when they’re growing fast. Typically clients will settle their bills in 30 to 90 days, but contractors will expect to be paid in just 7 to10.

Invoice finance provides one solution for bridging that gap and there are a number of options available to optimise cashflow, including invoice discounting and factoring.

Our qualified advisers will help you identify the right option for your business and secure the best rates and service levels for you, from our panel of reputable invoice finance providers.

Finance costs can depend on how quickly your clients pay so it makes sense to have an efficient back office. We can take on credit control, payroll and timesheet processing, as well as dealing with the provider day to day.

Of course ultra efficient accounts and administration, especially credit control, will reduce or even remove your reliance on invoice funding, so our services could end up paying, at least partly, for themselves.

With some invoice financing solutions you’re liable if your client can’t pay. For complete peace of mind ask us about debtor insurance.

Contact us to learn how to set up your own invoice finance arrangement.

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