TBOS Celebrates 10 Years in Business

Delivering Specialist Back-Office Solutions to the Recruitment Industry

  • Comprehensive back-office and account management solutions for any size or type of recruitment business
  • Experienced support to Permanent and/or Contract focused recruitment agencies
  • Funding and administrative management for UK & International Contract placements
  • Expert help, advice and resources to new start up recruitment agencies
  • Cost and time saving solutions to help existing recruitment agencies looking to outsource
  • Tailored services to single Independent Recruiters, medium-sized agencies to larger recruitment enterprises
  • Each agency receives their own Invoicing Clerk, Credit Controller, Bookkeeper and Accountant
  • Transactional based pricing rather than percentage of agency turnover

Discover Our Solutions


A comprehensive back-office and accounting solution for recruitment agencies making Contract, Permanent and/or International placements.


A funding and administration solutions for recruitment agencies making UK and/or International Contract placements.