The Total Back Office Solution for Recruitment Agencies

Setting up Contract Recruitment Agencies

We help set up and run your back office by offering invoice finance, banking, invoicing, payroll, credit control, and more, on a fee structure based on your contractor numbers. Find out more

Setting up Permanent Recruitment Agencies

We help set up and run your back office by offering banking, invoicing, credit control, bookkeeping and final accounts from as low as £2,400 per annum! Find out more

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Outsource your Existing Back Office

We help you outsource your back office to reduce staff and operating costs. We offer a full back office solution so you don’t have to take on new staff whilst reducing software, accountancy and stationary costs. Find out more

Short Term Funding Solution

Discover a short term funding solution without having to sign up for a long term factoring arrangement. Ideal for start ups, permanent agencies who get the odd contract deal or companies with bad credit. Find out more

TBOS – Growing your business in a tough climate

For any recruitment agency, back office administration can be a costly, time-consuming that demands constant investment and attention when you’d rather be growing your business. TBOS provides the answer: a comprehensive outsourced service that takes care of everything ‘back office’, from credit control, accounting and banking to timesheet management and payroll. Whether you’re contract or permanent, start-up or established, handling one assignment a week or a hundred, you’ll benefit from:-

  • Reduced staffing, technology and office costs.
  • Improved cashflow, greater profitability.
  • More time to focus on growing your business, confident in knowledge your back office is running smoothly.
  • A highly experienced team behind you that specialises in back office administration for recruitment agencies.
  • A solution that grows with you, with fees reflecting your business volume.

Why tie yourself up in red tape when you could be tying up new business?